Cross And Crown

Block Number: 98

“The Cross and Crown” Displayed by First Presbyterian Church

By Kathy Brendle

At 10:00 last Thursday morning, September 8, 2011, a number of members of First Presbyterian Church gathered to watch the installation of the latest block on the McDowell Quilt Trail. The block, titled “Cross and Crown”, was hung on the south-facing side of the church educational building. The membership along with the new pastor, Jeff Coffey, also participated in the receiving of the block certificate.

Designed and painted by Mike Lucas, the quilt block boldly displays the cross of Christ in three shades of blue-grey. At the intersection of the arms of the cross, a violet, four-point star holds squares of deep violet and yellow. Also at the intersection, and behind the cross, are deep-red squares that draw the viewer’s eye to the crown immediately above the cross. The reds symbolize the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.

Floating above the cross in demonstration of the royalty of Christ is a golden crown topped with spikes of various purples; purple being the age-old color and symbol of the royalty of the King of Kings. As a background, and to continue the theme of glorification, rays of light (four tints of yellow) stream from the center of the cross to all the outside edges of the block.

First Presbyterian Church of Marion has been located on the same campus since 1845. The current sanctuary has been standing since 1922. During that time, “First Prez” has been a continuous contributor to the Marion community. Therefore, the membership chose to provide the 98th quilt block in the county.

The membership of the church has a number of reasons for choosing the design. The block honors the children who have come to know the Lord through this church. “Cross and Crown” is a statement of basic Christian belief. But more importantly, this quilt block is a praise to our Lord, Jesus Christ.