Keeping Life Connected

Block Number: 86

By Nancy Raker and Nora Worthen
A cluster of three new quilt blocks now adorn the west-facing wall of the brick building at 91 East Court Street in Marion, the home of Computer Corrections, Fire and Ice Jewelry, and Hair that Rocks. McDowell Quilt Trail volunteers Mike Lucas and Jack Raker installed these blocks on June 14. This building, now owned by Frank Nederostek, once housed a car dealership and a sewing machine company.
Leaving the corporate world behind after working in both New York and Los Angeles, his experience in law enforcement as a detective led to his interest in becoming a jeweler, and he has been in business in North Carolina since 1984. Originally from Pennsylvania, and therefore familiar with the Amish traditions, Frank considers one’s heritage to be of utmost importance. In line with that tradition, his daughter, Megan, a mortician by trade, has managed the store for two years. Frank is a first generation American, whose father is of Czech and Polish descent.
Now a resident of McDowell County in the Goose Creek area, he wants his customers to know that just as a diamond is forever, Fire and Ice Jewelry will be in Marion to serve the long-term needs of the community. Frank is very proud to be a member of the Southern Jewelers Alliance, and says that he has the largest number of jewelry designers in the state because each of his customers is a designer and Frank facilitates that design. Fire and Ice Jewelry also trades in coins, deals in firearms, and has a loan service.
Number 85, named “Diamonds and Gold” is emblematic of a ring. As one looks into this diamond design, your eyes are drawn to the very large two-tone blue facets, which is a variation of an Ozark crystal. There are four prominent flower-shaped facets depicted in a lighter blue at each corner of the block, with the gold colored design alongside representing the studs holding the entire diamond in place. This block, as it hangs on the brick building, is centered on a higher elevation and in between its companion blocks.
Next door to Fire and Ice Jewelry is Hair That Rocks, a hair salon owned by Denise Nederostek, Frank’s wife, who has been a hairdresser for 30 years. The block Denise selected, number 89, is named “Rockin’ Shears,” which depicts a circle of cutting shears framed by a light blue background and a bright pink border. Denise wanted the colors of her block to reflect her contemporary, edgy personality. Upon entering the shop, you are wowed by the interior décor, which reflects that desire to stand out. The back wall is of galvanized corrugated tin roof material, while the two side walls are painted red with a display of guitars mounted on each wall. One other stylist, Shandy Lanning, works alongside Denise in this full service hair salon. When Denise has time to relax, she and husband Frank travel long distances by motorcycle.
Host to the third block at 91 East Court Street is Computer Corrections, owned by Stephen Duncan. This business deals in networking, repairs, sales, system maintenance, and upgrades. Block number 86 has been named “Keeping Life Connected.” Stephen has been dismantling and reassembling computers since the age of ten. Having been in the computer business for twenty years, five of those years he worked at the Department of Corrections while repairing computers during his off hours. “Keeping Life Connected” depicts four computer monitors with attached keyboards, all connected by a lavender cross in the center of the block. Steven chose this design to reflect that his life and business is Christ-based.
As you travel on Main Street in Marion, turn onto East Court Street to view the quilt blocks. Three different businesses, three different owners with a desire to be a part of the McDowell Quilt Trail and the community of Marion worked together to express their businesses and interests through their uniquely different designs and choice of colors.

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