Circle Of Sweets

Block Number: 192

Ginger Todd


A few days before Christmas on December 23, 2015 volunteers Mike Lucas and Jack Raker installed Block #192 on the front awning of the well- known donut shop located at 60 South Main Street, downtown Marion.  The three by three foot block is appropriately entitled “Circle of Sweets”.

Bob Masiello, retired from a career in the electric union, and his wife Bernice, moved from their home in Massachusetts to McDowell County in 2009.  Their son and his wife had moved here earlier with their two children and the Masiello’s desire to be near their immediate family prompted them to move here as well.

After a few years of increasing boredom, somewhere between 2011 and 2012 Bob became friends with the owner’s of the former business Dunk and Grind Donuts.  It was here his interest was sparked in the donut making process and he learned the trade. 

When a small storefront became available on Main Street Bob took the opportunity to purchase it and open his own donut shop named fittingly “Mr. Bob’s Do-nuts”.  On what was to have been the first day of opening the bakery he had a discouraging start when the “proofing of the dough failed and had to post a sign on the doors that they were closed.

However it didn’t take long that through hard work and planning the shop became a huge success.  In December of 2014 an official ribbon cutting was held with the City of Marion officials, Marion Business Associates and the Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors welcoming the new business.  Since then the company has experienced steady growth with its dependable customers and Bob wanted to show his appreciation and feelings of “unity” with other downtown merchants by hosting a quilt block.

The blocks name “Circle of Sweets” consists of twelve alternately spaced chocolate sprinkled and white glazed donuts. They encircle a steaming red, white and blue cup of coffee with white stars and a Chevy logo embellishing it.  It represents Mr. Bob’s patriotism and love of the 1957 Chevrolet which he dreams to own one day. Each corner of the block is detailed by two rolling pins framing the block

Mr. Bob’s homemade donuts are hot and fresh every day with the help of employees Dave Haney and Maria Lavender.  He starts out at 3:00 A.M. each morning, mixing the dough, letting it sit, then rolling, hand cutting and cooking in a deep fat fryer of about seven gallons.   When asked approximately how many confections he produces a day his reply was a formula of “15x12x3”.  A “run” is fifteen dozen and he usually puts out three runs a day, a total of 540!  Although there are seldom many left at the end of the day, if so, he donates to the local shelters.

His hard work not only produces donuts as there is a wide variety on the menu, though the selections may change daily. Danishes, cream horns, canellas, éclairs, turnovers, cinnamon buns and even pretzels are sought out daily.  The delicious flavors to fulfill your sweet tooth may range from coconut to peanut butter cream and a cup of freshly brewed coffee is always available.   The huge “Apple Ugly” fritter is one of the most popular (also known as “a thing of beauty”) and was the first place winner of a Food Networks contest. 

Bob in involved in several aspects of community activity and was chosen by the McDowell News as the “Best Bakery” in McDowell County for 2015.  He recently added a new attraction to the downtown Marion New Years Eve midnight gold nugget drop.  Made in pieces, which he said they had a “lot of fun doing”, a ten foot donut complete with party hats provided a “hole” for the nugget to descent into.

Jill Lucas presented the McDowell Quilt Trail Certification Certificate for Mr. Bob’s Do-Nuts to Bob and Bernice Masiello signifying its official membership as the 192nd block installed.  As the delicious aroma emitting from Mr. Bob’s draws you in, be sure to notice his delightful, fitting and inviting quilt block above the entrance!

For more information on how a quilt block may enhance and tell a story about your business, home or outbuilding, contact Mike Lucas at 1-828-443-6476.  He will work with you on a customized or traditional pattern for a block on the McDowell Quilt Trail.  A visit to the McDowell Arts Council Association offers applications, trail storybooks, and other interesting  quilt block souvenirs displaying some of the various patterns throughout the county .

image of quilt block called Circle Of Sweets image of quilt block called Circle Of Sweets image of quilt block called Circle Of Sweets image of quilt block called Circle Of Sweets image of quilt block called Circle Of Sweets image of quilt block called Circle Of Sweets image of quilt block called Circle Of Sweets