Natures Love

Block Number: 190

by Ginger Todd


Sandra and David Setzer of 674 Goose Creek Road, Marion, N.C. are the most recent hosts on the McDowell Quilt Trail with the installation of Block #190.  Volunteer installers Mike Lucas, Jack Raker and Alan Scholl mounted the block on Tuesday morning, December 1, 2015.

Entitled “Nature’s Love”, the five by five foot block portrays a horse and dog looking over a peaceful hillside and stream.  A church’s steeple is nestled in the valley as the taller mountains rise in the background of a brilliant sunset.

In 1978 the Setzers moved from their former home east of here to this area when David was transferred by his employer Hardees Restaurant.  They first bought a home across the road from their present location.   Eventually they were able to purchase the ten acres they desired with a stream running through it and built their home.   The barn, on which the block was installed, is utilized by their four horses when not roaming the pastures.

Oddly, although their address is Goose Creek Road, the stream that runs through their property is Nix Creek (often referred to as Nick’s Creek).  Nix Creek is classified as a “stream” (as is Goose Creek):   “a linear body of water flowing on the earthly surface”.  It flows north, at an approximate elevation of 1,234 feet above sea level, eventually emptying into the Catawba River.

Nix Creek is prone to low water flooding in parts of their pasture during heavy rain  however they have built a sustainable pond at one end of their property.  They have named it “Shane’s Pond” in memory of their son who passed away in his late teens. 

The Setzers have noticed the quilt blocks throughout the area for some time, and recently decided to host one of their own.  The first block to draw their attention several years ago was Block #38.  It is on the McDowell American Red Cross building downtown at North Garden Street entitled “Clara’s Red Cross of Service”, and was installed 152 blocks before than theirs!

Sandra remarks that their block encompasses “everything life represents to me – love of animals, God and the beauty of the land.”   She describes herself as a “nature person who loves the outdoors”.  She was raised on a tobacco farm in Eastern North Carolina would to this day rather be outside working and with her animals and land than inside.  This inspirational block which includes animals, a steeple of God’s house, picturesque landscape and sunset may easily be viewed on their red barn just off the side of Goose Creek Road.

During the installation of the block Chairwoman Jill Lucas presented the Certificate of Authenticity to Sandra and David accompanied by their faithful Golden Retriever.

For a customized quilt block of your own story contact volunteer Mike Lucas at 828-443-6476 or visit Information may also be obtained at the McDowell Arts Council Association on Main Street, under which the non-profit Quilt Trail operates.  Grants are available for structures meeting the requirements to join the Heritage Trail on which only traditional quilt patterns are eligible.

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