If You Dont Go You Dont See

Block Number: 187

McDowell Quilt Trail
Ginger Todd


On Wednesday afternoon, October 14, 2015, the McDowell Quilt Trail committee met its goal for the year with the installation of Block #187, installed by volunteers Mike Lucas, Jack Raker and Alan Scholl.  The colorful six by six foot hand-painted wooden panel is located above the Roseland Florist building at 45 South Main Street in downtown Marion.  Along with the thirteen blocks on the Heritage portion of the Quilt Trail it is the 200th installed since the fall of 2009 when the organization was formed.

The block is hosted by Bobbie Young and Wanda Hyder and tells more than one story involving both women.  Owned by Bobbie and Jim Young and Wanda Hyder, a “silent partner” for more than thirty years, the building appears to be two stories, however it is only one.

The occasion was highlighted by a formal ribbon cutting ceremony with Steve Bush, Director of McDowell Chamber of Commerce and Marion Mayor Steve Little officiating. During the cutting of the ribbon all those attending repeated the title of the block “If You Don’t Go – You Don’t See” which is now LINC’s fitting slogan and motto of encouragement.

Several joined the event including Freddie Killough, Director of Marion Business Association, Commerce Ambassadors and the McDowell Arts Council Association representatives as well as other friends and well-wishers. Refreshments were served after the ceremony just across the street in front of the McDowell Arts Council building.

Steve Bush spoke of the impact the McDowell Quilt Trail has had on local economy and both Mayor Little and Freddie Killough joined in with complimentary comments.  Jill Lucas, Chairwoman of the Quilt Trail committee presented a Certificate of Authenticity to each Bobbie and Wanda highlighting the stories of the block.

The brick building is estimated to be around 115 years old, having been constructed after the “big fire of 1894” which destroyed most of downtown Marion. Previous owners included Best Discount Store and Theodore Brooks Auto Supply.

In 1984 the Youngs rented the site from owner Jean Welsh, Macon, South Carolina, and later the next year purchased it.  The building was operated as NOVA Office and School Supply in partnership with Larry and Brenda Greene who later sold their share to Wanda Hyder.

NOVA was chosen as the unique name and logo for the business in that it was a new undertaking in a specialty field of commerce and a “burst of light” for Marion – the word “nova” describing a nuclear explosion on a white dwarf (very dense, faint glowing star) causing a sudden brightening of the star.

 NOVA continued successfully in the building serving the area for 25 years, until several years ago when Roseland Florist leased it after their prior adjacent location was damaged by fire.

Bobbie’s husband Jim and Wanda’s husband Fuzzie had a friendship that goes back many years, having attended McDowell High School together.  While dating Bobbie, Jim, who was in the car business for over forty years, sold a 1957 convertible  Chevy to his friend Fuzzie, who not only loved motorcycles but drag racing.  Interestingly, Jim used the proceeds of the sale of the Chevy to purchase Bobbies’ diamond engagement ring.  The two couples became fast friends and traveled the world together throughout the years.

Fuzzie earned many trophies for his hot-rod stick-shift competitions, including the 1957 Chevy, however his true hobby was a love of motorcycles.  He had owned more than Wanda can remember throughout all their years together and was known for his “love of being in the wind” having put thousands of miles on two wheels.

Bobbie recently retired after eight years as Coordinator of LINC (Leadership, Involvement, Networking and Community) sponsored by the McDowell Chamber of Commerce and McDowell Technical Community College.  In recognition of her service Bobbie was presented a framed picture of a dog in a Chevrolet convertible, ears flapping in the wind, a joyful look on its face, LINC inscribed on its collar and the feeling “Life is Good” and “If You Don’t Go, You Don’t See!”!

In addition to her part ownership of the Roseland Florist building, Wanda owns another building at 35 West Court Street she purchased in 1972 after having rented since 1966.  She has operated “Magic Act”, a full service salon in the same location for fifty years along with partner Laura Beam on the main floor. With five employees they offer ladies, gentleman and children all types of high quality hair, skin and nail care at affordable prices. This older building also has a basement used for storage and a second story that is used by a church.

As you study the block above Roseland Florist remember the symbolism of each character.  The star in the upper left, for NOVA Office Supply; the convertible Chevy, dog’s ears flapping in the wind, representing LINC as well as a life long friendship;  a motorcycle at the end of the road “riding into the sunset” in memory and honor of Fuzzie Hyder;  visualize the Catawba River flowing into Lake James, Grandfather Mountain and Table Rock represented in the background of the sunset, two of western North Carolina’s most distinctive mountain peaks.

If you are interested in purchasing a quilt block to tell your story, honor someone or gift, contact Mike Lucas at 1-828-443-6476 who will work with you on the format and construction to your specifications.  The McDowell Quilt Trail is a non-profit part of the McDowell Arts Council Program and strives to promote tourism and economic development. Maps to follow the meandering trails throughout the county may be found at MACA, the Visitors Center, and McDowell Tourism Authority.  Books describing the interesting stories behind each block are also available.

image of quilt block called If You Dont Go You Dont See image of quilt block called If You Dont Go You Dont See image of quilt block called If You Dont Go You Dont See image of quilt block called If You Dont Go You Dont See image of quilt block called If You Dont Go You Dont See image of quilt block called If You Dont Go You Dont See image of quilt block called If You Dont Go You Dont See