The Life Cycle

Block Number: 155

Ginger Todd
McDowell Quilt Trail


On Thursday, April 3, 2014, McDowell Ob/Gyn and McDowell Internal Medicine became a part of the McDowell Quilt trail with the installation of Block #155 entitled “The Life Cycle”.

The McDowell Ob/Gyn started out with its office in the McDowell Hospital, then moved to the Sugar Hill Primary Care facility in October 2010 and later joined Mission Health. Andrea Moore, MD, Margaret H. Sullivan, MD and Alison Hemly-Christopher, CNM provide a variety of services to women of all ages, both gynecologic and obstetric. Medical treatment is accompanied by one-on-one counseling and education in preventive healthcare including the importance of routine exams.

Drs. Moore and Sullivan provide routine and high risk obstetrical care and gynecological services. Alison Christopher, a midwife, centers on the obstetrical care of labor and delivery, as well as routine gynecology visits. The facility provides laboratory and ultrasound imaging services and is equipped for some outpatient gynecological procedures.

The Ob/Gyn facility covers the entire scope of women’s unique concerns from a woman’s first gynecologic exam to contraceptive information, childbirth education classes, labor/delivery, breast care, and menopause management. Treatment of incontinence and counseling/testing for sexually transmitted diseases are just a few of the services furnished by the clinic. Both traditional and laparoscopic gynecological surgeries are provided at the McDowell Hospital when required and their services are available on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The physicians establish patient-pediatrician introduction and familiarization even before the child is born, especially in high risk situations. This relationship between the Ob/Gyn and pediatrician harmonizes the transition for the mother, child and appropriate physician from the onset of pregnancy through birth and further care. Their motto is fitting: ‘Women for Women – We Deliver’.

The McDowell Internal Medicine served the area since 1985 and the practice became a part of Mission Health in 2012 when it opened its doors at 1633 Sugar Hill Road facility, their new location. Internal Medicine focuses on specific disease conditions and chronic illness. The team of physicians includes Mark W. Burton, MD, Edward l. St. Bernard, MD, Joseph Head, PA, Deanna MacLaren, FND-C, and Anne Marie Harmond, AGNP-C.

Dr. Burton specializes in cardiomyopathy (disease affecting the heart muscle) and echocardiography (sonogram of the heart) while Dr. St. Bernard focuses on pulmonary and critical care procedures. Construction is underway for a Cardio Rehab Services/OCC Medical facility scheduled to open in September, 2014. It will be attached to and become a part of the McDowell Internal Medicine and McDowell Ob/Gyn.

“The Life Cycle” quilt block represents both the McDowell Ob/Gyn and McDowell Internal Medicine practices by displaying images of the butterfly. The butterfly goes through a complete life cycle, curiously similar to the human marvel of transformation from egg, emerging baby and resulting adult. It symbolizes the stages of physical and emotional care from the very onset of life through the final problems of age and maturity.

The McDowell Ob/Gyn providers bring new life into the world for the journey ahead. The cycle is complete when care is provided from the McDowell Internal Medicine to the mature adult. The overall goal of both practices is to emphasize good healthy habits and prevention of disease, while offering medical solutions to physical problems and support of the patient’s concerns. The principle is: “Our biggest aim is to get each of our patients to the desired outcome without harm, without waste, and with an exceptional experience.”

Chairwoman Jill Lucas presented the Certificate of Authenticity to Anna Cain, Practice Manager II for both the McDowell Ob/Gyn and Internal Medicine, and Karen Moore, Vice President of Marketing and Community Relations. In addition to doctors and staff the ceremony was attended by the Director and Ambassadors of the McDowell County Chamber of Commerce.

“The Life Cycle” quilt block, installed by volunteers Jack Raker and Mike Lucas is 4 by 4 feet and embodies a butterfly in each corner converging on a central flower. The butterflies’ bright color combinations are indicative of the thousands of colorful varieties existing throughout the world. The block is easily seen on the entrance to the building at 1633 Sugar Hill Road.

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